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Gem - Use ruby-processbar to display processing progress
工具 2019-06-09 Encore Shao

Basic requirements: when using Rake to process data, we need to know the current processing status and progress.Before, my processing method is: use puts to print some unique information so that we can process the progress through the current. Finally, Googled found a good gem. It may be more friendly to help us output the data processing status and schedule. So recommend it to everyone today.G...

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Use Brakeman analysis code security in Ruby on Rails
开发 2019-03-24 邵壮

Brakeman - Ruby on Rails Static Analysis Security Tool如果您也使用Ruby On Rails来构建应用程式,那我推荐你也添加 `brakeman` 到您的项目中,它可以有效的帮助你分析代码安全问题,从而提高代码质量。接下来,我们看看如何在你的项目中使用它1. Add brakeman to your Gemfilegroup :development do   gem 'brakeman' end2. Running locallyFrom a Rails application's root directory:brakeman3. CI Configuration for Rails Project Drop this into project_root/.gitlab-ci.ymlservices:   - postg...

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ERROR: Error installing bundler: bundler requires Ruby version >= 2.3.0
开发 2019-02-12 邵壮

当SETUP一个旧项目时遇到的错误: "ERROR: Error installing bundler: bundler requires Ruby version >= 2.3.0"Ruby - ruby 1.9.3p551 (2014-11-13 revision 48407) [x86_64-darwin18.2.0]Rails - 3.2.1当你安装完rbenv和ruby-1.9.3p551后,然后直接安装bundler时,你会看见此错误.➜  blog git:(master) gem install bundlerERROR: Error installing bundler: bundler requires Ruby version >= 2.3.0.当你查看bundler的依赖后,你会发现,我们之间安装会安装最新的bundler版本, 然而最新的bund...

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工作 2017-07-03 邵壮

如何更新gem源 查看源:  > gem source *** CURRENT SOURCES *** https://rubygems.org/ 删除原来的资源库位置 > gem sources -r https://rubygems.org/ 添加新的资源库位置 > gem sources -a https://ruby.taobao.org/ 更新资源库 > gem sources -u

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